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USA Today & Amazon Top Ten best-selling author Kahlen Aymes delivers an emotional enemies-to-lovers romance where a sophisticated clinical phycologist moonlighting as a relationship advise show host and a gorgeous billionaire businessman battle on air, in person and in between the sheets. This swoony series starter is guaranteed to give you all the feels! (With a taste of suspense and spicy humor thrown in!)

It’s a Fight… To the Mattress!
Angeline Hemming, a beautiful, headstrong, psychologist (& late-night radio show host) has seen Alex Avery’s type a hundred times; cocky, controlling billionaire hotshot, and she wants nothing to do with him. He can’t stand her, but he can’t help being drawn to her amazing voice and intellect, and when he finally lays eyes on her… it's game on! The result is a hilarious, snarky, very sexy enemies-to-lovers romantic suspense story!

When Alex Avery's “on-the-way out” girlfriend calls into a late-night relationship advice show, ANGEL AFTER DARK, he is more furious about the host's advice than he is the lies told about him on air! When he calls into the show the following week to give Dr. Angeline Hemming a piece of his mind and his side of the story, he can't help being intrigued by the witty, and sexy-sounding doctor, despite the stereotypical picture of her he’d painted in his mind.

After a heated, hilarious, and admittedly simulating back-and-forth on the phone, Angel decides the sexy, powerful, panty-dropping, and all-alpha-all-the-time, Mr. Avery, is in dire need of a hard lesson in love and sex by someone who won't fall at his feet. No, Angel is powerful and successful in her own right, and she decides she is just the one school him.

They both have a clear mission, but once they meet face-to-face all hell breaks loose as these two type-A personalities battle it out for control over minds, hearts, and yes, even between the sheets.

As Angel & Alex fight each other at every turn, they learn that in order to get what they desperately want from each other, they have to learn to give... a lot.

Start reading this highly rated romantic suspense series, today! It’s an emotionally charged, snarky throwdown from the first page to the last! Alexander Avery will definitely be your NEXT BILLIONAIRE OBSESSION

Angel After Dark (After Dark Series, #1)

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