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Christmas Eve Out-take from The Remembrance Trilogy


If you haven't read The Remembrance Trilogy, it would be my advice

to read it before reading this post. There are major spoilers!

Every Time

Out-take (furture scene) from The Remembrance Trilogy,

Copyright 2014, Kahlen Aymes, All Rights Reserved.



It was late, and Julia would be sleeping on the couch, waiting for me, because of my God-forsaken schedule, yet again. Aaron and Jenna had helped Jules string lights around the room and windows, even down the sides of the house. It’s older architecture made it look like a gingerbread house and the light snow from last night’s storm dusted them like glittering frosting. I sighed in regret that it hadn’t been me to help her. My breath came out in a wintery cloud as I walked from the driveway to the back door and shoved the key in the lock.

The house was dark, except for the LED lights covering the Christmas tree and reflecting off of the glittering ornaments. There were garlands of greenery with sparkling red and gold balls and white lights on the fireplace mantel and arrangements of candles among it and the three stockings hanging beneath it. Aidan’s was positioned front and center between the two with Mommy and Daddy embroidered across fluffy white cuffs. Aidan was too young to really know yet, but we’d decorated the house to the nines; his little eyes got wide and fascinated by the tree every time we brought him into the room. He had my eyes and they were dark blue.

I smiled and my heart swelled with love when I saw Julia lying with Aidan cuddled in her arms. They were both underneath a ruby red cashmere throw that had been a favorite of mine when I was young. My mother brought it out only at Christmas because it belonged to my grandmother, and now she’d sent it to us to continue the tradition. Aidan was lying on his stomach, nestled to Julia’s chest and she had the cashmere all tucked in around him. His little cheeks were working as he suckled in his dreams. I smiled through my exhaustion. He was so perfect and the absolute joy of our existence.

I tried to be quiet as I passed through the living room to the front entry to kick off my shoes and slid out of my coat, not wanting to wake them but at the same time hoping I’d get to talk to Julia and hold my son. I shoved everything unceremoniously into the coat closet and shut the door with a soft click. In no time, I was sitting on the floor in front of my wife and son, listening to Julia breathe and Aidan suckle; one hand settled on Aidan’s back and the other curled around the top of Julia’s pillow so I could softly stroke her hair. I loved these two more than anything in the world.

Julia stirred and her eyes fluttered open, a slow, soft smile spreading across her perfect mouth. “Mmmm… ” Her right hand lifted from around the baby and reached for my cheek. “Hi, scruffy boy.”

I huffed in amusement, smiling. I sat up on my knees, my arms wrapping around them both in a hug and, at the same time, placed a soft kiss at her temple. I made sure not to squash my son, but damn if I didn’t want to crush them both to me. Julia’s hand slid from my cheek around and into the hair at the back of my head. I turned my face into the curve between her neck and shoulder. “I love you.”

I squeezed harder one last time and then pulled back so I could look into her green eyes, so full of love. “I love you, too,” she replied in her sleepy voice. “I missed you today.”

I was still astonished at my life. With my rough schedule and limited time with my family, it was still so perfect. I took her mouth in a soft, open mouth kiss that soon became deeper as her hand behind my head pulled me closer and I could feel her body quicken. Our tongues mated in a slow and deep tangling, that made my chest and body tighten. I wanted more, but Aidan grunted between us and I loosened my hold, one of my hands moving to his soft downy head. Julia and I laughed softly as he settled back against his mother’s breast in satisfaction, his long lashes resting in dark crescents on his round face. I bent to kiss his forehead.

“Your son is protesting. How was your day?” Her fingers continued to caress the back of my head and play in my hair. I loved how she touched me; the love between us was tangible. My hand cupped her cheek as I stared into her eyes. After all this time, when we were in the same room together, I had to be touching her.

“Okay.” I shrugged. I hated telling her about the things I dealt with on a daily basis. Some days, like today, were filled with sadness and death. I’d had a heart attack victim I couldn’t save and a car accident where both parents and a child had died, leaving one behind. I had to excuse myself and rush to another more deserted part of the hospital before I completely lost it. I’d broken down and cried like a baby, but the situation made me all the more aware of how precious life was; of how precious this woman and this child were. As if I needed more reminders. “Better now.”

“Are you hungry? I saved you some dinner.”

The house smelled amazing and my stomach grumbled. I smiled softly. Julia’s unending effort to take care of me was always such a comfort. “Yes. Starving.” I didn’t want to stop touching her, but I placed another brief kiss on her open mouth and began to stand and at the same time reaching for my baby son. In the three and a half months since his birth, he’d grown by leaps and bounds. I took him from his mother’s arms, careful not to wake him as I turned him over and cradled him close. I loved the baby smell and I inhaled deeply as I pressed my lips to his little head, completely covered in dark hair. His mother attempted to comb it into order, but it was fine and often stood straight out from his little head after he’d been asleep. He was so precious. Julia pushed away the blanket and began to stand up, laughing at my indulgence.

“I’ll get it ready. Do you want to put him to bed?”