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Teaser/Graphic Contest

Winner recives a $25 Gift Card of choice &

a signed copy of MORE THAN FAMOUS by Kahlen Aymes

INTERNATIONAL entries accepted.

With the release of More Than Famous less than two weeks away, I thought it would be fun to see some teasers created by readers. (See sample at the bottom of this post.)

Below are some favorite quotes chosen by my beta readers and some art that has been purchased for use in my teasers.

To enter: please make a teaser using one of the quotes and pictures provided, then post on instagram, twitter or yours or mu facebook page, tag me and #KahlenAymes #August31 #MoreThanFamous. Enter multiple times!

If you choose art not provided here, you must put your blog name or "FanMade Teaser" in small type somewhere on the teaser. :)

Get creative! You may use more than one photo in your teaser if you wish, you may choose only part of the quote or utilize any graphic effects to make your teaser extra special.

QUOTES from More Than Famous:

1. "It’s simple. You mean more to me than anything. You’re everything.” I rested my forehead against hers while I regained my breath. Brook's hands went lovingly into my hair; stroking as she kissed along my jaw. “And, I want to be everything to you, too."

2. I brushed the hair back from her face and kissed her softly one more time before I moved back from her. It wasn't easy to control the desire I felt surging in my veins. Her eyes were molten fire as she looked at me and I didn't want to tear my gaze away, but I realized we should get back to watching the concert. We were playing with fire.

3. "That's why I cry."

"What? You cry because I love you?"

"No, it's because I love you. It's like my whole heart and every cell of my body... is so full of you, that there isn't any place for all that love to go, and there's more and more of it all the time. More than I can even deal with, so it just.... spills over.”

4. My face split into a smile and Brook laughed out loud. "You're playing with fire, little girl."

"Is that right?" she asked as she licked her lips, glancing up at me through hooded eyes. She was so bloody sexy. It was all I could do not to pull her into my arms and kiss her full on the mouth for the entire bar to see. "Well, that's good, cause’ I like things hot."

5. In the total silence, except for the sounds of the water rushing and our panting breaths, our bodies communicated our love better than words could. The desperation we felt to be together, the pain we'd gone through to get to this place, the overwhelming love between us... It was all screaming in the silence, as he brought my body, heart and soul to places only he could take me.

6: Her arms began clutching at my back and she wrapped her arms and legs around me as I lifted her to the center of the bed and then entered her in one motion. She was swollen from her orgasm and so tight, so wet, that she drove me to distraction. I closed my eyes as her warmth engulfed me and my mouth hovered over hers.

"Bloody hell, Brook... I'm so in love with you... I can't breathe. I can't breathe..." I panted against her lips then sucked the lower one into my mouth. I thrust into her body again and harder, wanting to be closer each time. She was clenching around me; her arms and legs curling around my body. It was amazing. I was drowning.

BETA Readers or ARC recipiants please feel free to use other quotes, of your choice,

from the manuscript!

I'll announce the winner here and on all of my social media accounts!

Good Luck and GO!

Good Luck!

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